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I feel like drowning


Puma States ‘Summer Cooler Pack’ - Atlantis/Whisper White/Team Gold (by Sapato store)


pool water is cool water


“Wrong Century” by Tomas Kucerovsky
the look of wistfulness on her face just punches me straight in the heart

this is literally my favorite piece that ever comes up on tumblr and if you want me to change my mind well then goOD LUCK WITH THAT

for him giraffe painting watercolour PRINT art giraffe Africa Home Decor african wall hanging 11x14 Watercolor painting giraffe wall decor by rachellelevingston (25.00 USD) http://ift.tt/1sRXDzJ

To mom
If you want to concentrate deeply on some problem, and especially some piece of writing or paper-work, you should acquire a cat. Alone with the cat in the room where you work … the cat will invariably get up on your desk and settle placidly under the desk lamp … The cat will settle down and be serene, with a serenity that passes all understanding. And the tranquility of the cat will gradually come to affect you, sitting there at your desk, so that all the excitable qualities that impede your concentration compose themselves and give your mind back the self-command it has lost. You need not watch the cat all the time. Its presence alone is enough. The effect of a cat on your concentration is remarkable, very mysterious. - Muriel Spark (via observando)
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